Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

My Chanukah Window

There’s a tradition in Judiasm during Chanukah. You’re supposed to light the candles just after sunset, right around the time when people are coming home from work, and place the Chanukiya in a window so it can be seen. The old reason for this was to remember the military victory of a bunch of fundamentalist crazies in the desert. But the meaning has become a bit of Jewish pride. The Chanukiya in the window means: A Jew Lives Here.

For me, this year, Ephemera has been my virtual window. I shot photos of my Chanukiya aflame every night and posted them. In this season of rampant Christmas craziness everywhere I turn, it was my little corner of Chanukah rebellion.

Here’s the whole set:

Chanukah 1 Chanukah 2 Chanukah 3 Chanukah 4 Chanukah 5 Chanukah 6 Chanukah 7 Chanukah 8

I hope you’ve enjoyed it, too.

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