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How To Spot A Liar

I’m not going to get into the subjective nature of truth, what’s appropriate in theater, or Mr. Daisey’s seemingly pathological need to nail himself to a cross. I just wanted to share this one observation.

Our Generation’s John Lennon

The other day I was talking to my uncle. He’s my dad’s age, a boomer. I was struggling to explain the importance of Steve Jobs’ death to my generation (“Generation X”, more or less) when this popped out of my mouth: “He was our generation’s John Lennon.” Ever since I said it, it’s been rattling around my brain. Could it be so?

Blame the iPad

Here’s how I know that Apple’s upcoming iPad is important: It’s already at fault for everyone’s worst fears. Anil Dash…

What Apple Unleashed Today

So yesterday I had a total nerdgasm imagining what Apple was going to introduce and how it could change the…

What I Hope Apple Unleashes Tomorrow

I’ve spent my professional career doing basically two things: making websites and making print media. It’s my hope that what Apple unleashes tomorrow is the device that finally bridges the two.

iTunes Geekery: The College Years Playlist

If you’re like me and have an embarrassment of digitized music in iTunes, here’s a fun thing to try: The…

Reflections on the new MacBook Pro

I love almost everything about the new MacBook Pros. The new “unibody” case, carved out of a single piece of…

Why I Love Apple, Reason #24789

There’s been a lot of talk about Apple lately, and the iPhone, and how much people love them. And usually…

The Quest for Perfect iPhone Earbuds

Yeah, I love my iPhone. I use it more than any other gadget. So a good pair of earbuds is…

iPhone 2.0 Wishlist

I loves me some iPhone. I got mine on day one and have used it every day since. Now the…

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