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Twitter’s “Who to follow” Feature, aka WTF

Twitter is currently testing a new feature called “Who to follow” (henceforth referred by its unfortunate acronym, WTF). One of those 25% is, apparently, me. When I log in there’s a box on the main page that suggests two users for me to follow. If this sounds familiar, that’s because it’s exactly what Facebook does.

The purpose of a test like this is to gather feedback, so here’s some feedback.

Jean-Louis Gassée’s Customer Service Kung-Fu

Jean-Louis Gassée on customer service: A customer complaint dialogue is structured around a two-position toggle: a) it’s terrible, b) it’s…

Press the Magic Button

My “one strike” rule for Twitter/Flickr and why you shouldn’t be offended when someone blocks you. I was walking down…

Your right to comment ends at my front door.

John Gruber of Daring Fireball posted a response to critic who took him to task for not having comments on…

How Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me Is Crowdsourcing Done Right

One of my favorite NPR shows is Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me. It’s a weekly news/comedy show, where a host…

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