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Elsewhere: My Review of the New Flickr at TechHive

The new Flickr: Goodbye customers, hello ads Flickr didn’t actually explain itself. It took away a core part of its…

Busy Bunny

Please excuse the interruption in Cute-Fight promotion for a little self-promotion.

Elsewhere: Story in .net Magazine

I wrote this story for .net Magazine last year. I believe it was published in the December 2008 issue. Looks…

Mister September

It’s an honor and a privilege to be selected as All Thing Girl’s Man of the Moment. I’ve always wanted…

Rhymes with “Neener”

Introducing The Magazineer, a blog for people who make and love magazines.

I Grow, Boy!

I did a fun interview with Gayla Trail of You Grow Girl about my burgeoning orchid habit. Check it!

iPhone The Book

It was my pleasure to donate a few stories and photos to Ethan Bodnar’s printed retrospective of the most anticipated…

My Interview in

In May I participated in AssignmentZero’s Interview Week. The stories have been making their way online at this week,…

In ALA: Where am I?

Whoops, I did it again. I let a long-simmering annoyance with some quirk of current web design spill over into…

What Would Google Do?

Google and I, we’re old friends. I’ve written about them here and there for years. Google, as a web innovator,…

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Hi, I’m Derek. I live in San Francisco and make awesome community-centric web stuff. I sometimes post things to Flickr and Twitter. I’m mostly harmless. More.

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