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links for 2010-08-24

Why trust Facebook with the future’s past? — Scott Rosenberg's Wordyard "Facebook could be such a repository today, if it…

links for 2010-08-21

Salon: Google News gets gamed by a crappy content farm Scott Rosenberg on Google's faltering relevancy. Required reading. (tags: google…

links for 2010-08-17

You Grow Girl | Gardening for the People. Beautiful redesign. (tags: design garden) Hallowed Ground A few photos of stuff…

links for 2010-08-12

Why Google Became A Carrier-Humping, Net Neutrality Surrender Monkey Google "rolled over for the carriers on their phones" and "gave…

links for 2010-08-11

A Man, A Plan And A Sharpie: 'The Great Typo Hunt' : NPR My hero. (tags: audio typos)

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