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New in The Magazineer

New in The Magazineer: Southwest’s Eclectic Spirit (And, yes, the guy sitting next to me on the plane thought I…

A Savvy Approach to Copyright Messaging

I’m a photographer. I’m also a web geek. And those two sides of my brain sometimes fight with each other.…

links for 2008-01-11

3by9: I Know What Is King Relationships are king. (Cool discussion.) (tags: content relationships personality)

links for 2008-01-10

Media Molecule – LittleBigPlanet Okay, now I want a Playstation 3. (Watch the video.) (tags: games playstation wow) after…

links for 2008-01-09

YouTube – Jim Gaffigan Three and a half minutes of bacon jokes. (tags: video bacon) YouTube – Evil Bee Menomena…

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