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A drive with the pups on Saturday. Music: People Like Us/Vicki Bennett: Going Out Of My Town (cc!)

links for 2008-04-12

Cool Hunting: Help Remedies Humanistic language in the drugstore! I love this. (tags: drugs humanist Remedies) Flickr: EVERYTHING NEW IS…

Video on Flickr! Watch my dogs!

Now that Video on Flickr has launched, I can share these close, personal moments with you. Here is Chieka Rolling…

Fray on Sale

We’re having a super-secret friends-only sale! Subscribe to Fray now and get five bucks off a Toe-Dipper or ten bucks…

links for 2008-04-02

Exploding Dog: The sun will come out tomorrow I am sick sick of this brown brown fog, too. (tags: explodingdog)

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