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This will come as a surprise to no one

Since I’ll new in New York on election day for FOWD, I voted by mail this year. I’ll miss the…

links for 2008-10-25

Garamond powerline Font made of photos of powerlines. Fantastic. (tags: font photos) Callie Shell's intimate photos of Obama – Digital…

Pixish Closing October 31

Pixish will be closing its doors at the end of the month. Why? Mostly because of personal stuff. Pixish was…


I love my orchids. Every bloom gives me a little bit of hope.

Reflections on the new MacBook Pro

I love almost everything about the new MacBook Pros. The new “unibody” case, carved out of a single piece of…

Frightening Prospect

Frightening Prospect indeed.

Making Wooden Business Cards with Ponoko

Ponoko is a New Zealand-based print-on-demand service for 3D objects. I decided to give them a try by making some…

Looking Down

San Francisco is full of beauty, even when you walk around staring at your feet.

Regina Powazek 1919-2008

Regina Powazek is my father’s mother. She was born in Dobre, Poland, in 1919. When she was 20, the nazis…

links for 2008-10-08: Obama Inspiration

Not McCain's Friend T-Shirt Are you tired of John McCain calling you his friend? Me too. (tags: politics obama mccain…

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