Take the "bit" from "bitmap" and the "bet" from "alphabet" and you get....

b i t b e t
b y  d e r e k  p o w a z e k

This font is actualy tiny 5 by 5 pixel gifs, sized to fit in the html of the page.

Feel free to download the gifs and use them on your page, too!
All I ask is:
1) do creative things with them, and
2) please link to this page somewhere
or simply mention it in the source code like so:

<!-- bitbet graphic font by derek powazek: www.powazek.com/bitbet -->

a b c d e f g h i j k l m
n o p q r s t u v w x y z
 + - ... ! . ? quote

Feel free to just copy the above gifs onto your hard drive,
or downlaod them all with one easy click: in .sit or.zip format.
Then size them in your html by changing the width and height tags.
(multiples of 5 seem to work the best, but feel free to play with it).
And they're transparent, so you can put them on any background.

Have fun! And be sure to tell me what you make!

-- Derek

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