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DePo Clean Theme for WordPress

ScreenshotPresenting DePo Clean. It’s a super-clean, strong-grid design. It attempts to adhere to a strict 5-column grid, treat the type with respect, elegantly include right-side advertising, and handle text, photos, and links with ease.

It also continues my obsession with footers. When I wrote my Embrace your bottom! post almost two years ago, a lot of people misinterpreted it to mean “load your page footers up with a link to every page on your site.”

What I meant was, give your readers some candy if they make it to the bottom of the page. Something surprising and fun. So, to that end, in addition to the usual meta info, the footers here include two random areas: one that cycles through books I’ve written or contributed to, and one that pulls up a random quote from an older post.

Both of these have to be updated by hand, but I think they’re worth it. They’ll hopefully bring a sense of surprise to the ends of the pages.

If you’d like to give it a spin on your own WordPress site, here ya go! All I ask is that you keep the “DePo Clean” link at the bottom.


Note: In order to get the Flickr photos to show up on the homepage, you’ll also need to install the FlickrRSS plugin.

UPDATE: It’s simple, but could it be simpler? Check out the DePo Skinny theme.

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