J o u r n a l i s m

In my four years at UC Santa Cruz, I wrote a few articles I'm proud of. Here's a selection of my favorite journalistic endavors.

Lecturer The Lecturer's New Clothes
If Your Instructor Sucks, Know Your Rights

From the Fish Rap's April 12, 1995, issue. When first-time lecturer Mike Abrams decided to give his class a lecture, he crossed a line he'll never get to cross again.

Elusive E The Elusive E
Why Doesn't UCSC See Jews as an Ethnicity?

Originally published in the Fish Rap on January 25, 1995. Why is it that, of the 173 courses that currently receive the ethnic studies credit, not one is a Jewish studies course?

Paint Only Paint Deep
Porter College's Missing Murals

Published in the Fish Rap on October 5, 1994, it's an example of that all-too-rare magic that can happen when journalism produces change. In short, this is a story with a happy ending.

Mass Media Mass Media Menagerie
Budget Cuts in the Land of Plenty

From the Fish Rap, of course. September 23, 1993. The death of a popular class is a symptom of "a bureaucracy gone mad."

McHenry I Remember McHenry
An Open Letter to Rosa-Casarez-Levinson

This story was published in May of 1993, but the famed McHenry protest took place November 9, 1992. I don't think anyone who was there has quite recovered. I know I haven't.

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