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Who? Working the web since 1995, Derek Powazek is the creator of many award-winning websites, a couple of which still exist. Derek is the author of Design for Community, San Francisco Stories, and has contributed to others. Derek is a writer and performer, leading the storytelling organization Fray. Derek currently works as the Senior Designer for Technorati. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, two nutty Chihuahuas, a grumpy cat, and a house full of plants named Fred. More »

Wha? This section is called "Just a Link." It's where I post quick links to websites I'm visiting. This page shows the last 15 links, newest to oldest.

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Last 15 Links

Michael Geist: CRIA's Own Study Counters P2P Claims Technorati
"People who download music from P2P services frequently buy that same music." File under: Duh.

Cool Hunting Video: SXSW 1: Interactive Technorati
Get a taste of SXSW with this lovely video.

Schneier on Security: Basketball Prank Technorati
Now that's just mean.

Sound Cameras Give Tickets to Loud Car Stereos Technorati
I'll take 10.

Big Poppa E Technorati
The Canadian-loving, ex-Apple employee in question.

Apple Employee Fired for Talent Show Performance Technorati
He's too good for customer service anyway.

New York Times: The Theater of the Street, the Subject of the Photograph Technorati
"The photographer's right to artistic expression trumped the subject's privacy rights."

A New, New Logo for Quark Technorati
From bad to worse to pure 1998. Ugh.

The Final Minutes of the Season Finale of Battlestar Galactica Technorati
Did your TiVo cut it off? Just curious? Check it out. Season 3 is gonna be one helluva ride.

Blogumentary: MPAA SMACKDOWN Technorati
Video clips from the now infamous panel, thanks to Chuck Olsen.

CSS Problem Solving - Vertua Technorati
Now those are some good looking slides.

Describe me in my Johari Window Technorati
But enough about you, let's talk about me. Select five words that describe me and see how they overlap with other people's descriptions and my own. Interesting.

SimpleBits Arkanoid Edition Technorati
Nice bottom, Dan!

Speculative Redesign of Craig's List Technorati
Kinda looks like what would happen if the NY Times bought Craig's List ... minus all the annoying ads they'd have to add, of course.

"Take a picture while you can," she said ... Technorati
... "before they take it away." I wanted to tell her I was one of THEM but I didn't.

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