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2007 with Bugsley Dante 26 December 2006
I almost didn't make one this year, but I'm afraid that after the last couple years of Bug calendars, he's developed a small following - especially one particularly excellent little...

Quitting Smoking. Again. 10 December 2006
People are often surprised to find out I am, or was (depending on when you catch me), a smoker. I've never been a pack-a-day kinda guy - more like a...

Last Week to Submit to JPG Issue 8 24 November 2006
There's just a few days left to submit to JPG Magazine Issue 8 on the themes Tourist, Intimate, and Embrace the Blur. Published photographers get a hundred bucks and a...

Subscribe to JPG Magazine! 11 November 2006
After over two years of publishing, just under two months of life on the new site, and two weeks of really hard work, I'm thrilled to say that subscriptions to...

How to Write a Book in Three Easy Steps 6 November 2006
My book, Design for Community, has just gone out of print. It lives on as a download, but it's just not the same. As we like to say at 8020,...

Magazine Thinking: A Tale of Three Communities 31 October 2006
One of the many gifts of our increasingly networked world is the diminishing boundaries between communities. And the magazine business is about to get hit by a boundary-blurring tidal wave....

I can't complain. 11 October 2006
I talk to my grandma most weekends. She's an amazing woman. She lived through the horrors of the Holocaust, and yet, every time I call her and ask how she's...

Vote for JPG Issue 7 Now 5 October 2006
The submission period for Issue 7 of JPG Magazine has just ended, but you can still vote for another week. Get your vote on in Big, Self-portraiture, and Hometown! Here...

Will Post for Money 22 September 2006
Or: Consumer-Made Media and the Almighty Buck Jason Calacanis is the P.T. Barnum of the weblog world. Barnum took a hirsute woman and turned her into The Bearded Lady. Calacanis...

Come with me to Denmark 19 September 2006
I'm going to be in Denmark for the next few days. I'm speaking at the ubercool Knock Knock conference all about community-powered media and what we're up to at 8020...

And The 90 Before That

JPG 2.0 18 September 2006
The Kid Always Gets the Last Word 3 September 2006
Love and Penguins 25 August 2006
Booma 22 August 2006
Hey San Franciscans: Come Get Intimate 15 August 2006
New Photo Book: Apple Sweat 8 August 2006
In ALA: Where am I? 8 August 2006
10 Insights on Blogs from PEW 1 August 2006
The Etiquette of Modern Communication 29 July 2006
Two Conferences, Two Weeks 25 July 2006
JPG Issue 6 is here! 17 July 2006
The Powazek World Tour 12 July 2006
Colbert Jumps the Shark 10 July 2006
Hey programmers! Wanna work with me? 26 June 2006
My Dog is So Smart 18 June 2006
Do What You Suck At 16 June 2006
What's a nice Viper deckhand like you doing in a Tiki Bar like this? 6 June 2006
Conspicuous Cobrandification 4 June 2006
Generation M 31 May 2006
The Importance of Creative Procrastination 22 May 2006
WWSD? (What Would Swearengen Do?) 19 May 2006
Back in Black 18 May 2006
33 16 May 2006
What Would Google Do? 15 May 2006
Thanks a lot, Apple 12 May 2006
Calling All Designers: Learn to Write! 9 May 2006
Abdicatechnology 7 May 2006
The Art of No 2 May 2006
What I'm Up To Now 26 April 2006
The Wisdom of Browse 20 April 2006
Attention Daily Show 20 April 2006
Design for Selfishness 11 April 2006
Death to User-Generated Content 4 April 2006
JPG Issue 5 Published 25 March 2006
I Live in the Future 23 March 2006
Dear Business Week 18 March 2006
Four Themes from skinnyCorp 15 March 2006
SXSW to MPAA: STFU 15 March 2006
It Has Recently Come to My Attention that I am an Idiot 14 March 2006
Observations from ETech 11 March 2006
My Blogger Code 10 March 2006
What I'm Up To 4 March 2006
Technorati, Favorites, and Moving Forward 22 February 2006
Infinite Gates 14 February 2006
Playing iTunes to Multiple Speakers 8 February 2006
Goodbye Yellow Brick Road 4 February 2006
Four Things 25 January 2006
Bring on the Ego Charting! 17 January 2006
"It's So Big!" 12 January 2006
10 Notes for the Paris hotel/casino in Las Vegas 9 January 2006
My Flickr Top 20 5 January 2006
JPGs in the Wild 4 January 2006
My Resolutions for 2006 28 December 2005
The Household Beautification Project Continues 28 December 2005
A Very Special Christmas Post 18 December 2005
New in JPG Magazine 4 December 2005
Chawazek 2006 1 December 2005
The Subliminal Reassurances of Procedural Dramas 24 November 2005
10 Recent Signs that I'm Becoming a Grownup 21 November 2005
Muni, Red Zones, and Faith in Humanity 7 November 2005
Lovin' the MT Goodness 5 November 2005
Threaded 1 November 2005
Dear Stephen Colbert 18 October 2005
The Reality of My Surroundings 2 16 October 2005
The Reality of My Surroundings 9 October 2005
What I Learned on My Summer Vacation 1 October 2005
iPod nano’s Pleasant Surprises 16 September 2005
Embrace your bottom! 13 September 2005
The iPod nano: So perfectly tiny 8 September 2005
Love in the year 2005 8 September 2005
Digging in the Dirt 5 September 2005
Both Sides Now 22 August 2005
I suspect that I am part of a teaser campaign 10 August 2005
Justice, Cole Valley Style 31 July 2005
How to Make Coffee 2: Revenge of the Nerds 29 July 2005
How Tags Happened at Technorati 25 July 2005
My New Glasses 23 July 2005
Jon Stewart on The Couch 20 July 2005
Jon Stewart fans prefer Minima 14 July 2005
How to Make Coffee 11 July 2005
And only six months late! 2 July 2005
Before and After 30 June 2005
Thanks Steve 28 June 2005
It's Alive! 20 June 2005
Batman Begins 18 June 2005
The New New Thing 9 June 2005
Pearls of Photographic Wisdom 29 May 2005
Ajax, Ajax Everywhere 11 May 2005
Heather and I on Lulu 3 May 2005
Upgrade Madness 3 May 2005

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2007 with Bugsley Dante  26 December 2006

Quitting Smoking. Again.  10 December 2006

Last Week to Submit to JPG Issue 8  24 November 2006

Subscribe to JPG Magazine!  11 November 2006

How to Write a Book in Three Easy Steps  6 November 2006


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