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New in Fray: Five Stories from Geek

Fray GeekWhat do air guitar champions, the Beatles, Stormtroopers, aquariums, and roosters all have in common? We just posted five new stories from Fray issue 2: Geek. Read them to find out!

When my name finally rang out, I realized why my preparation had been so casual: I wouldn’t be the one performing.
Story by Rob Weychert, Illustration by Kevin Cornell

Now They’re Sixty Four
All aboard the “Magical Mystery Tour” en route from London to Liverpool.
Story by Jack Boulware, Illustration by John Reddinger

Stormtroopers in Love
Red and Jonny bought their first Stormtrooper helmet on their honeymoon, and haven’t stopped taking photos ever since.
Interview by Leah Peterson, Photos by Red and Jonny

Memories of a Fickle God
An aquarist is a sort of God. And at first, I was a loving deity.
Story by Scott Rosenberg, Illustration by Mal Jones

The Poo Rooster
And other chicken-related items my mother collects.
Story and Photos by Eric Hardenbrook

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