Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Nice Things People Have Said About Fray Lately

Fray Geek

“Deliciously humorous and entertaining as well as educational, Fray sates the hunger for a good story.” – Utne Reader’s 2008 Altnerative Press Gift Guide

“The offbeat articles and engaging interviews will keep you amused and the original artwork is a great way to find a new sources of inspiration.” – Cool Hunting

“This is the future of the print magazine: once the profits have all migrated elsewhere, people will still publish on paper. But they’ll do it for their own damn reasons.” – Scott Rosenberg

(Okay that last one is a bit of a fudge because Scott is one of our fine contributors, but still, he’s a pretty sharp guy.)

Thanks, peeps! And yeah, you should totally subscribe.

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Hi, I’m Derek. I used to make websites. Now I grow flowers and know things. I’m mostly harmless. More.