Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Powazek 2009 Year in Review

JAN: Nearly kill myself on a snowmobile. Begin posting Things I Learned the Hard Way. Still really proud of that series.

FEB: Visit New Zealand for the first time. Give a talk at Webstock.

MAR: Play Layer Tennis with Jason Santa Maria. Give a talk at SXSW.

APR: Get laser eye surgery. It hurts. A lot. But no more glasses!

MAY: Speak at An Event Apart Seattle. Turn 36. Take a letterpress class. Gain a niece.

JUN: Collecta launches with my design. We buy a condo! Attend MaxFunCon.

JUL: Our Mini Cooper Bonita is smashed. We have the floors redone and move. We get a new Mini, Badonka. Hooray for insurance.

AUG: Placed headstone on Grandma’s grave. Participate in my first Literary Death Match. Win first round, lose second.

SEP: Publish Strange Light and write a how to.

OCT: Panelist at Make/Think: AIGA Design Conference in Memphis. Pick a fight with SEO douchebags, try to explain, and then give up.

NOV: Fray 3: Sex & Death is finally published. Go to Australia for the first time. Deliver closing keynote at Edge of the Web in Perth.

DEC: Participate in my second Literary Death Match. Win first round, lose second. At least I’m consistent.

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