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Cute-Fight: A Twitterrific New Venue

We’re thrilled to announce Cute-Fight’s newest venue, the ultimate cage match, the Twitterrific Thunderdome!

Twitterrific Thunderdome

Gilded in gold and floating through the clouds is the Twitterrific Thunderdome, where animals of all kinds do battle over the finest periodicals.

The Thunderdome is sponsored by Twitterrific 5, a simply beautiful way to tweet for the iPhone & iPad. Color-coded timelines and customizable themes make reading fun and easy. Pictures, locations, and people search means tweeting is sweeter than ever. In the App Store now!

We want to thank the folks at Twitterrific for sponsoring this new venue. Twitterrific was the first app we ever used to tweet, and version 5 is better than ever. Plus, their mascot, Ollie, is an adorable bluebird! It was meant to be. Support Cute-Fight by giving the app a try. We think you’ll love it.

And then come start a fight in the new venue! We’ll see you there.

Other Newness

We’ve spruced up many of the pages in Cute-Fight, so take a look around if you haven’t visited recently. We’re especially proud of the cool new fighter leaderboards. Is your fighter there? Keep fighting and they will be!

42And we’re always adding new badges and trophies. This week we added badge number 42, so it was obvious it had to have a towel on it. If you don’t get the reference, don’t panic.

We’ve also improved the code behind the scenes to play nicely with a wider variety of browsers. So if you had a problem with the site before, please give it another try.

See you in the fight!

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