Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

A turn for the same

Is it me, or did Tribe just ape Craig’s List?

I used to love Tribe. They were the one “social networking” site I could stand. I liked the way users could create their own tribes. It gave us something to do besides compare the sizes of our friend lists. (You can still create tribes, it’s just deprioritized in the new design.)

But this change is awful on so many levels. It reeks of desperation (when in doubt, copy a successful site), is poorly executed (strange mishmash of styles), and worse, it comes with no explanation. They just took a site that many people had a investment in and fundamentally changed it for no communicated reason.

Also, the new logo looks like they poured honey over the old one until it was swarmed with fire ants. Makes me itchy.

Good thing we still have Flickr.

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