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Lovin’ the MT Goodness

jay the mt reaper

Back in May, I installed Movable Type 3 and had some criticisms. Today, with some in-house, on-couch assistance from Jay Allen, my friend and a guy who just happens to know a thing or two about the ol’ MT, Heather and I upgraded to Movable Type 3.2. And I gotta say, what a difference half a year makes.

Let’s revisit the kvetching.

  • Ability to turn off comments site-wide in one click? Check.
  • That Movable Type News box on the main screen? Reduced to one line. Acceptable. But they should consider the elegant way Mint notifies its users of updates. It’s subtle, but it works, and it feels much less marketing-ey.
  • MT still using Javascript popup windows? Unfortunately, still there for the site rebuild, but gone from most other places. Progress!
  • And MTBlacklist? Included by default, baby. Rockin!

All that plus a killer new upgrade process, fantastic enhancements to the UI, and pretty new color icons. Keep on kicking ass, Six Apart.

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