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JPG Issue 7After over two years of publishing, just under two months of life on the new site, and two weeks of really hard work, I’m thrilled to say that subscriptions to JPG Magazine are now available!

Subscriptions cost $24.99 for six issues a year in the US. It’s a little more pricey for international shipping, but we’ve made it as affordable as possible. (Pesky shipping!) In addition to the basic 1-year subscription, we’re also offering two other packages that include a gift box filled with goodies: a copy of Issue 7, some stickers, and an awesome JPG pocket ultra-pod.

I’ve been using my JPG tripod for a couple weeks and it’s great. It stands up to my heavy gear like a champ, and still folds up small enough to fit in my camera bag. We think these gift boxes are a great deal, and the perfect gift for the photographer in your life … especially if that’s you!

Oh, and one more thing: As a special thank-you for all my peeps, here’s a $5-off coupon. Subscribe with this link and it’s just 19.99 (in the US). That’s how much a single issue used to cost. Cool, huh?

Our little magazine is all growed up. Sniff.

JPG tripod

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