Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Attention Austin: Undomesticated Powazek In Area

May be time to shaveAttention Austin, especially SXSW Interactive participants: This man is named Derek Powazek. He means you no harm. You may find him wandering aimlessly through your town for the next few days. If you see him, approach with caution as he can be easily startled. Please remember, he doesn’t remember your name, even if you met him before. Please do not be offended. If it’s before noon, he’s seeking caffeine. Please direct him to the nearest latte. If it’s after noon, direct him instead to the closest Shiner Bock. Remember, he’s more scared of you than you are of him. Thank you.

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Hi, I’m Derek. I used to make websites. Now I grow flowers and know things. I’m mostly harmless. More.