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Fray Cafe 10, Sunday 14 March, Austin

Fray 3 Walkthrough

A walkthrough of Fray issue 3: Sex & Death. (Thanks to the ever-talented Kevin Meredith for making this video. The…

Fray’s Privacy Please Door Hanger

Every issue of Fray comes with a little special something for subscribers. Issue 1: Busted! came with a vinyl sticker.…

Fray Issue 3 Proofs Approved

Fray Issue 3: Sex & Death is coming soon! (Pun intended.) Subscribe now.

New in Fray: Vampire Boners

Hormones and Celluloid As I sucked the plasma from her jugular, I realized that something embarrassing was happening a few…

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Hi, I’m Derek. I make awesome community-centric web stuff. I sometimes post things to Instagram. I’m mostly harmless. More.

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