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How To Save A Newsweekly in 5 Easy* Steps

Newsweek is for sale. While sad, it’s also an amazing opportunity to reinvent what a newsweekly could be. And it…

New in Fray: Busted in Jena

When a group of black students in Jena, Louisiana, defied tradition and sat under a “whites only” tree, no one…

Thank You, Imus

Thanks for making it so that every news report I turned to today featured some dumpy, middle-aged white dude saying the words “nappy-headed hos” over and over again.

Nappy-headed hos. Nappy-headed hos. Nappy-headed hos. If you hear it enough, it loses all meaning.

When will we all learn that paying attention to pompous windbags like Imus just gives them more power? I say, treat them like the common internet troll they are. Ignore, ignore, ignore.

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