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links for 2007-04-30

Saturday Pups in the Park My perfect Saturday. (tags: photos)

links for 2007-04-29

Deep Sea Images Library: Baby Octopus in eggs Fantastic. (tags: octopus, photos) Photo: Two Also fantastic. (tags: photos)

links for 2007-04-20

The Folio 40: Derek Powazek and Paul Cloutier I am so printing this and mailing it to my grandma. (tags:…

links for 2007-04-18 Breakthrough: An Amateur Photography Revolution at SFAC This Friday! Be there for JPGs first San Francisco gallery opening! (tags:…

links for 2007-04-16

SF Gate: The Heather Gold Show / A spirit of inquiry, adventure guides show hosted by local comedian Hey! There’s…

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