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Bed Bug

links for 2008-03-29

Wooster Collective: Street Art At Its Best #3: Plastic Bag Animals Fantastic. (tags: art)

Calling All Geeks: Fray Wants You

We’re really making the push for submissions to Fray Issue 2 now. So if you’ve got a geek story, now’s…

What kind of Geek are you?

The second issue of Fray Quarterly is on the theme: “Geek: Stories of People Taking Things Too Seriously.” And we…

links for 2008-03-20

SXSW Photo Show Winners! in Pixish News 10 winners get free Flickr Pro and passes to SXSW Interactive 2009! (tags:…

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Hi, I’m Derek. I used to make websites. Now I grow flowers and know things. I’m mostly harmless. More.