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Chihuahuas and Children, a Story in Three Parts

Photo by Heather 1. Heather’s traveling for work, which means that I’m on Early Morning Walk duty. The dogs are…

links for 2008-07-21: Publishing 2.0

MagCloud: The Future of Magazine Publishing? An interview with Derek Powazek A chat I had with Mr. Magazine on MagCloud.…

Happy Anniversary, Baby

Today is our 4th anniversary, which is apparently the iPhone 3G anniversary. Best wife ever. I love you, baby.

links for 2008-07-18: Politicians and Superheroes

GAMA-GO: Yeti-bama Tee Yeti for hope! Love it. (tags: t-shirts obama politics) Running for Office: It’s Like A Flamewar with…


A new leaf on the way for our new Elephant Ear plant.

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