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I'm a creative designer, user-centric experience architect, photographer, writer, and community consultant, who approaches the web with insight and excitement.


Bachelor of Arts in PhotoJournalism from the University of California at Santa Cruz.


Web designer and consultant
I have worked the web since there was one. Since 1995, I've been a web designer and community consultant. I've led teams and worked solo, talked design with the honchos and code with the programmers. When it comes to the web, I've pretty much done it all.

November 2004 – February 2006

Senior Designer, Technorati
Led major redesign and rebranding, created new identity, led teams to create innovative new features, primarily responsible for look and feel / user experience across all projects.

July 2002 – September 2004

Director of Online Projects, Independent Media Institute
Primary designer, web project manager, and creative director of IMI, a nonprofit media company that produces several sites including AlterNet, for which I created a new identity, design, and backend CMS.

May – August 2000

Creative Director, Pyra, Blogger  
I began working for Pyra Labs in March as a contractor, and eventually became the Creative Director for their many products, each of which required a unique identity: Blogger, Blog*Spot, Pyra, NewsBlogger, and more. In addition to the websites, I created consistent branding in letterhead, signage, business cards, stickers, and t-shirts. I managed other designers, worked with a team, and have the honor of saying I created the Blogger B.

April – August 1999

Managing Editor, BitMagic
I moved to Amsterdam for a few months in 1999 to work as the Managing Editor (and Resident American) for a Dutch company called BitMagic. The product sent out animated cartoons to members every night. I managed contributors, designed the website, and consulted on the design of the product.

April – August 1997

Art Director for Nike, vivid studios
Working with vivid studios (the web shop, not the video company), I served as the Art Director for Nike's collection of sport-related, brand-heavy websites, including,, and I directed two designers as well as created my own designs, wrote visual specifications, and consulted in the direction of the site.

December 96 – April 1997

Edge Tech Producer, electric minds
I was thrilled to be the producer of one of electric minds' biggest sections, Edge Tech, working alongside industry luminaries like Howard Rheingold and Abbe Don. I worked with writers on a weekly posting schedule and managed a visual designer, as well as redesigned the section.

August 1996 – October 2005

Founder and Creative Director, Fray
I created the fray because it was the kind of website I always wanted to visit, but could never find: a place for personal storytelling, elegant design, and artful conversation. It's my labor of love, my pride and joy.

September 1995 – December 1996

Web Production, HotWired
I worked in a variety of capacities for several of HotWired's web properties. I started out as a Production Editor for the entire site, writing code and managing content flow. I was a Production Manager for Netizen, the politics magazine, during the 1996 presidential election. I designed Net Surf entries for Signal. I was the production manager for Webmonkey, and even wrote a few articles while I was there.


Design for Community: The Art of Connecting Real People in Virtual Places. My first book, published by New Riders in August, 2001.
We've Got Blog: How Weblogs are Changing Our Culture. I authored the first essay: What the Hell is a Weblog and Why Won't They Leave Me Alone?" Published in July, 2002.

Google is Cool in AlterNet (May 13, 2004).
The Things We Do for Love: Gifts from Strangers, Left in Public, Guided by Satellites in Receiver Magazine (Issue 07).
Connecting Invisibles: How Associations Can Get Their Members Talking Online in Executive Update Magazine (February 2003).
User to User Support. A story on user support communities, in Web Techniques (November 2001).

Public Speaking

Digital Storytelling Festival. Featured speaker. June, 2003.
South by Southwest Interactive. Design for Community panel leader. March, 2002.
eNarrative 3. Featured speaker. January, 2002.
Web Design and Development. Growing Online Communities panel, Design for Community solo presentation. August, 2001.
South by Southwest Interactive. Getting Published panel, Design for Community presentation. March, 2001.
Charlotte Society of Commicating Arts. Design for Community presentation. February, 2001.
Web Design and Development. Design for Community presentation. November, 2000.
Bardi Web Awards in Bardi, Italy. Featured speaker. August, 2000.

Selected Press

New Media Renaissance Man by the NetSlaves for Wired News.
Torn and Frayed by Jon Katz for The Netizen.


Derek Powazek Discusses MetaFilter in Design Interact.
Derek Powazek: Design for Community in The Well.
Derek Powazek explains the power of community in Digital Web Magazine.
Community Wire in Conduit, the Community Answers newsletter.


Fray won a 2004 Webby Award in the Print & Zines category.
Fray was a nominee in three categories for the 2001 Webby Awards: community, personal, and best practices – the first time a site has been nominated for three Webbies in one year.
Fray received the bronze award for "Best Storytelling Project" in the NewMedia Invision Awards 2000.
Fray was selected as a winner in the Communication Arts Interactive Design Annual 5 in the Entertainment category. "The Fray brings literature to the web with force and immediacy."
Fray was Cool Site of the Year 1998 in the Design category.
Fray won a Silver Award in the 1998 I.D. Magazine Interactive Media Design Review.

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