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camera lust

Longtime Powazek readers will remember that I bought a Nikon Coolpix 950 way back when (and then did goofy stuff with it). I still love the camera and use it almost every day.

Since then, Nikon has come out with the 990 and the 995. Each added cool stuff (higher res images, popup flash), but seemed to make the camera more clunky. It went from matte metallic black to a plastic grey and got bulky in all the wrong places. So it was easy to ignore the improvements.

All that's changed with the upcoming Coolpix 4500. It's a thing of beauty. Smaller, sleeker, more powerful, woof. I haven't been gripped by camera lust like this for years, even if the US version gets the foo foo turquoise stripe instead of the manly red one the Euros get. (Maybe I could buy an EU one on eBay eventually. Hmmn.)

No price tag yet, but if it comes in at around what I paid for my 950, sign me up.

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» d,

i'm packing an olympus baby-talkin' d510z and i'm loving it. it syncs up sweetly with ifoto and seems to take some damn nice snaps. i've noticed recently tho that the image taken is bigger than the viewfinder, but who cares? it's digital! if it's mussed, i'll just pooch it and take it again! it snaps up QT video too (w/o sound). for a small little cam, it sure rocks the boat.


mat  { 5.31.02 @ 5:32am }

» ooooooh, but it seems that you were right about the upgraded split-body, my man.

DAMN -- it looks sweet, and a good sight better than the CP5000. (And just when I was ready to go over to the Sony camp for the 707.)

Keep me posted on the progress...

Pableaux  { 5.31.02 @ 7:18pm }

» (drool)

I've had a 990 for about a year now, and it's beautiful. Digital's totally changed the way I take photos, and the Nikons take amazing pics. Your 950 doesn't have USB though, does it? That's got to be painfully slow!

Get the 4500, and then post lots of pics for all of us to enjoy! :]

Si  { 6.1.02 @ 12:24am }

» Is it just me, or does that read like an ad?

– Aksha  { 6.5.02 @ 6:20pm }

» It's just you.

Derek  { 6.5.02 @ 6:24pm }


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