Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Alive in Cardiff

Car to airplane to underground to bus to train to taxi – six modes of transport and sixteen hours later and I’m here in Cardiff. I’d forgotten what a bitch jetlag is. My brain is still somewhere over the ocean.

I also forgot about looking the opposite way when crossing the street. My trip was almost cut very short.

So far Cardiff is adorable, cold, and friendly. It’s upscale, for sure. The city center is quaint and full of lights and outdoor craft booths. It’s frigid cold (to my Californian skin, anyway), but people are all smiles. Last night I got a cheese and leek crepe from a street vendor that knocked my socks off.

Posting now from the library across from the hotel. No net cafe’s here. No wifi, either. I checked on Fray from a fancy housewares store last night until they shooed me off of the computer. Guess you’re only supposed to use it to look at their site. Feh.

I can’t wait for the conference to begin.

Confidential to H: Miss you madly.

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