Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Election Depression

Selected post-election depression thoughts:

  • Song of the day: God’s Away On Business, Tom Waits. “There’s a leak, there’s a leak in the boiler room. The poor, the lame, the blind. Who are the ones that we kept in charge? Killers, thieves and lawyers.”

  • C-SPAN is trying to make me feel better. After the Kerry concession broadcast, they showed Bush Sr.’s concession speech from 1996, then Clinton’s acceptance. Thanks, C-SPAN.

  • The sky is all thunder and lightning here in San Francisco. The Gods are angry, too.

  • Fuck the “don’t mourn, organize” noise. Mourn AND organize. Be sad AND angry. Both are great creative fuel.

  • Only 1,462 days until Election 2008.

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