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My Holiday Wish List

Dear friends and family, So we’re coming up on the holidays, and you may have started to think about what…

For You, Grandma

This photo was taken in a Displaced Persons Camp in Austria in 1949. That’s my Grandma and Grandpa Powazek with…

Grief and Shame

When I was a kid and learned about the political assassinations in the ’60s, I was shocked. I asked my…

I’m Not Pro-Gay Marriage, I’m Pro-Equality

In February 2004, as Heather and I were planning our wedding, San Francisco mayor Gavin Newsom decided that he could no longer tolerate the state’s disregard of its own constitution, which states that all citizens are equal under the law. On Valentine’s Day 2004, City Hall began issuing marriage licenses to all couples, regardless of gender.

Word spread fast and Heather and I went down to City Hall to see what was happening. What we saw was indescribable joy. Floodgates of love opening. Cheers from the growing crowd as each couple exited the building, finally legally equal.

Republicans, religion and the triumph of unreason

Johann Hari in The Independent: Here’s what’s actually happening. The US is the only major industrialised country that does not…

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