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Participating in AssignmentZero Interview Week

I’ve been participating in AssignmentZero’s Interview Week, and the results have just gone online. Check it.

Exploring the Dark Side of Crowdsourcing with Ragnar Danneskjold of Subvert & Profit
By Derek Powazek

Ragnar Danneskjold does not exist. The name was dreamed up by Ayn Rand for a rebellious pirate in her seminal book, “Atlas Shrugged.” In the book, he’s part criminal, part intellectual – a man who does bad things for good reasons.

Now the name has been taken by a 19-year-old American. As the creator of Subvert and Profit, a site that makes a business out of gaming social media site Digg for paying advertisers, there are a lot of people who’d like to know his real name.

Like Rand’s pirate, Danneskjold talks revolution, but is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. But is he really a Robin Hood for Web 2.0 or just a crowdhacking profiteer? Derek Powazek conducted this interview for AssignmentZero to find out.

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