Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Post-Interview Glow

This morning I woke up early to do an interview with the Clue Unit guys. A few post-interview thoughts.

  • Skype is a godsend for journalism. We had a 4-way conversation, spread out all across the country, for free. I love living in the future.
  • Can anyone think of any other examples of projects that make actual real-world products out of virtual community participation besides Threadless and JPG Magazine? There must be some. Note: I don’t mean communities where the “product” is a website (like Digg) or where individuals can create products (like Lulu) – I mean groups coming together online to collaboratively make something that winds up getting produced as a for-sale product.
  • I’m not sure doing interviews before 9am is good for me. I hope they’re liberal with the editing.

The interview will be posted in a few weeks. If you haven’t checked out the Clue Unit podcast, check it out, it’s tops.

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