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links for 2007-05-23

LinkedIn: Derek Powazek Finally gave in. My excuse? I’m doing research into social networks. Yeah, that’s the ticket. (tags: socialnetworking…

Online Advertising Company Buyouts: Then and Now

1998: Microsoft buys LinkExchange after Yahoo bought Yoyodyne and Excite bought MatchLogic (yeah, no one remembers them, either). “From a…

Bob Rossism

In Pearl Art & Craft, Market Street, San Francisco. Lomo LC-A.

links for 2007-05-22

Summize: Summarized product reviews Interesting and troubling. Where do the reviews come from? Are they harvested from blogs? From Amazon?…

Be Honest and Unmerciful

Memorable quotes for Almost Famous Lester Bangs: Aw, man. You made friends with them. See, friendship is the booze they…

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