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Shift-Reload, Baby!

There’s a little design refresh going on here. The header illustration is by Ernst Haeckel, a turn of the (last)…


I don’t know, but I have to imagine that fatherhood can be kinda fun.

Run Heather Run

My darling wife is running a half marathon in October to help raise money for charity. She’s looking for sponsors…

links for 2008-06-28: Squid

Giant squid – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Guess I have to memorize this page now. (tags: squid) Rare giant squid…

My New Friend

So after 2.5 hours in the chair, a lot of jaw-clenching, and couple of white-light-angels-singing moments, I have a new…

links for 2008-06-26: Photos

Deserted NASA Van Photos Fantastic. (tags: photography nasa)

On Permanence and Scars of Choice

The thing that gives me pause about getting a tattoo is all the awful things I would have gotten tattoos…

Fray Loves Threadless

I loves me some Threadless, so it’s a thrill to collaborate with them on Fray. Along with our buddies at…

links for 2008-06-25: Doh

The Website Is Down So much to like in this. (tags: videos )

Special Fray Mini-Issue: Wild Life

I know, we’re behind schedule with Fray issue 2. We’re working on it, I swear. In the meantime, here’s a…

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