Let's never fight again
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I admit it: I had my doubts about Mayor Newsom. I called him a "Ken Doll" more than once. I might have made a joke at his expense once or twice. And, okay, once I called him a "greased up weasel with a mansion in the Marina who's claim to fame is two failed attempts to make the homeless go somewhere else."


Okay, so, I might have let the ol' mouth wander a little too far from my brain there for a moment. I admit it.

The guy still creeps me out a bit. I think it's the hair. But he, like me, watched the President's State of the Union speech. And he, like me, thought: This means war.

Only, yaknow, I have a website, and he has, well, a city. So he wrote a letter. Basically it said, the California Constitution says it's illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation, and we don't let gay and lesbian couples get married, and that's discrimination if you ask me. So, yaknow, fix that.

And they did. And this weekend hundreds of happy couples were married, and San Francisco raised a giant middle finger to George W. Bush.

I'm starting to like this Newsom guy. If he goes a little lighter on the product and actually does something about the homeless, I may just vote for him next time.

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