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My new book, same as the old book
Just a thought from 21 April 2005 about , , , , .

San Francisco Stories started out as a website, then became a book published by So New Media. It went out of print there a year ago. I finally got around to republishing it, thanks to the good folks at Lulu. I got my copy today and it looks great. Check it out!

Cross one thing off the Life List. Next?

Bookends in Words Magazine
Just a thought from 5 December 2004 about , , , .

words4 I'm thrilled to have contributed an updated version of my protest story, Bookends, to the 4th issue of Words! Words! Words! Magazine, which is all about protest. The issue also features writing by Savannah Schroll, David Barringer, Kathy Fish, Steve Himmer, Ryan Kennebeck and Sean Ferrell, photography by Beth Stegall, and drawings by "drew" of toothpastefordinner.com.

It's a great book and at $5 it's a freaking steal. So if you're looking for a great gift for the old hippie or young lit snob in your family, this is it.

Just a thought from 11 June 2004 about , , , , .

We Do: A Celebration of Gay and Lesbian MarriageSpeaking of books, eleven of my Justly Married photos have been included in a new book, We Do: A Celebration of Gay and Lesbian Marriage, published by Chronicle Books. It's a gorgeous book and such an honor to be included.

Yesterday was a little book launch party, where I got to meet the editors as well as some of the couples who were married at City Hall in February, a few of my fellow photographers, and even a local politico or two. There were speeches, there was champagne, there was cake, there were even goodie bags.

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Good writing, good cause
Just a thought from 2 June 2004 about , , , .

my caliOne of my early Fray stories has made its way into a new book. My California: Journeys by Great Writers (dig that, ma!) is a collection of stories from and about the state I call home, and I'm thrilled to see my story, The Nicest Person in San Francisco included in such fine company. The book will be released on June 15, but you can pre-order it today.

I urge you to pick up a copy because, in addition to all the fine writing you'll get to enjoy, you'll be supporting a good cause. All proceeds from the book will go to the California Arts Council, an organization that supports arts and writing programs in California schools, which was forced to suspend its programs in 2003 because of the budget crunch.

All the writers donated their work and the printer donated the first run to maximize the benefit of the book (more info here). Get your copy now!

Just a thought from 15 May 2004 about , .

A couple bits of me out there in the ethernet....

The Campfire Makes a Comeback
A great story in SF Station by Nirmala Nataraj about the storytelling revival that's been going on the last 30 years. In some ways, Fray is a rebellion against traditional, fictional storytelling, but I'm almost relieved the story didn't get into that.

Google is Cool
A story I wrote for AlterNet about everbody's favorite search engine. It's a decidedly non-geeky article, written for the normals who are wondering why everyone's been so preoccupied with the company lately.

Poster Child
Just a thought from 20 March 2004 about , .

In the SF Chronicle today: THE BATTLE OVER SAME-SEX MARRIAGE: Straights working to win legal rights for gay couples: "They're straight - but they don't consider themselves narrow. And now they're mad.... Among the new activists is Derek Powazek of San Francisco, who headed to Civic Center three days after the weddings began with his fiancee and a homemade 'congratulations' sign. The 30-year-old Web site designer and producer brought along a camera and began snapping photos."

The last few times I talked to reporters, my quotes seemed to come out saying something I didn't mean. So it's nice to finally deal with a reporter who got it right. My thanks to Rona Marech for covering this story with sensitivity and smarts.

Worlds collide!
Just a thought from 2 April 2003 about .

Bookends has made the jump from the labor of love to the dayjob.

New in {fray}: Bookends
Just a thought from 30 March 2003 about .

New fray story - a place to tell the personal stories of life during wartime, 12 years apart. Bookends: From 1991 to 2003. From school to salary. From home to away. These gulf wars are the bookends of my generation.

Two Recent Clips
Just a thought from 5 March 2003 about .

The Things We Do for Love: Gifts from Strangers, Left in Public, Guided by Satellites in Receiver Magazine (Issue 07).

Connecting Invisibles: How Associations Can Get Their Members Talking Online in Executive Update Magazine (February 2003).

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My new book, same as the old book
21 April 2005

Bookends in Words Magazine
5 December 2004

11 June 2004

Good writing, good cause
2 June 2004

15 May 2004

Poster Child
20 March 2004

Worlds collide!
2 April 2003

New in {fray}: Bookends
30 March 2003

Two Recent Clips
5 March 2003

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My new book, same as the old book  21 April 2005

Bookends in Words Magazine  5 December 2004

Booked  11 June 2004

Good writing, good cause  2 June 2004

Elsewheres  15 May 2004

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