Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Burning Memories

I’ll always remember the big things – the man burning, the Vogon camp, the look in Heather’s eye as we biked the outer fence. It’s the little moments I fear losing now that I’m back in the “real world.”

There was a sign on one of the potties: “Beware! Gorilla on the loose!” When a guy went to open the door, an 8 year-old kid in a gorilla mask jumped out, roaring. The guy gasped and backed away and we all had a good laugh. Then the kid went back inside and flipped the door lock to red. A while later, the lock flipped from red to green, but no one came out. Those of us still in line smiled at each other knowingly.

Another potty experience: Sitting in there, in the heat of the day, feeling nauseous thanks to the pound of playa in my belly, listening to the guy in the potty next door ralphing into the blue water. On second thought, I’m okay with forgetting this one.

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