Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

I am a Jewish Atheist

Jewish Atheist

And it makes perfect sense to me.

The are large parts of Judaism that are about being a good person, living a good life, and helping your community. I can do all of that without believing in an old school biblical god. I choose to interpret any talk of "god" to addressing the vast unknown splendor of the universe that I know exists.

And atheists are free to be spiritual, to do good things in the world, to care. The point is to simply admit that there’s no bearded dude on a cloud listening to your prayers. There’s just you and your world. The point is to make it better because it’s there – not because some teacher in the sky is keeping score.

I see how these two schools of thought can easily coexist. If you see it, too, maybe you’re in that little overlapping area with me. If so, welcome.

Don’t worry, my rabbi said it was okay.

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