Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

2008 Personal Year in Review

Bacon eaterJanuary: DePo Skinny released, I geek out on copyright, Fray Busted ships, we get some press and have a reading, Heather and I decide to move.

Taking a breakFebruary: I speak at TOC in NYC, I go Obama, Pixish launches, Pixish gets graggred.

On my way homeMarch: Heather and I move into our new apartment, I speak at SXSW, Heather and I have a personal tragedy that I can’t bring myself to write about, Flickr turns four, I’m still for Obama, Fray opens for Geek submissions.

I has a new hatApril: Flickr launches video, I tell 90-Second Stories, I mail a lot of books, I work with the Brooklyn Museum.

35May: I turn 35 and write about what happened in March, I speak at Vidfest in Vancouver, I shave my head, I speak at Book Expo in LA.

My New FriendJune: I research earbuds, MagCloud launches, Fray Wild Life is published, Fray has a Threadless contest, plant Caladiums, I get my first tattoo.

Self-Portrait with SquidJuly: Heather and I celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, the battlesquid is fully operational, I rant about comments a few times.

How we rideAugust: The Caladiums have grown, Heather and I visit Canadian cottage country, I am still for Obama.

UsSeptember: I’m Mister September, Heather and I visit Bodega Bay with friends, DePo Masthead is released, the Fray/Threadless contest has a winner, watched the debate.

Me, TodayOctober: I make a t-shirt, Heather runs a marathon – I watch, grandma Powazek dies, Heather and I attend her aunt’s funeral in London, Pixish closes, I cast my vote for Obama.

New Gama-Go GoodnessNovember: Fray Geek is published, I speak at FOWD in NYC, Obama’s elected, Kvetch is relaunched.

... A perfect landing!December: Heather gets bangs, people say nice things about Fray, I lose my sense of humor about Christmas, we visit family in Canada.

So that’s my last year – a few beginnings and way too many endings. I hope 2009 has a pinch less bad craziness.

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