Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

I created this “content” on my iPad

Here’s a quick list of what “creating content” has meant over the course of human history.

  • Mashing up plants to form a paste and smearing it on a wall.
  • Dipping a feather in ink and dragging it against parchment.
  • Lighting a fire and flapping a blanket over it.
  • Tapping a cryptic series of beeps into a wire to someone trained to decode it.
  • Fastidiously arranging backwards letters one by one in between leading, coating them with ink, and pressing them into paper.
  • Tapping a numeric keypad in specific combinations in order to form words to be sent over a cellular phone network.

Given how much work communicating has been for the majority of human history, do you really think that a software keyboard is going to stop people from “creating content” on the iPad?

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