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Thoughts on Designing for iPad

I’ve been designing for websites for 15 years now, and designing for print for even longer. For the last few months, I led the design of MagCloud’s iPad app (now available in iTunes) with an incredibly talented group of people, and it was unlike any other experience I’ve had as a designer. Here are a few things I learned.

I created this “content” on my iPad

Here’s a quick list of what “creating content” has meant over the course of human history. Mashing up plants to…

Blame the iPad

Here’s how I know that Apple’s upcoming iPad is important: It’s already at fault for everyone’s worst fears. Anil Dash…

What Apple Unleashed Today

So yesterday I had a total nerdgasm imagining what Apple was going to introduce and how it could change the…

What I Hope Apple Unleashes Tomorrow

I’ve spent my professional career doing basically two things: making websites and making print media. It’s my hope that what Apple unleashes tomorrow is the device that finally bridges the two.

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