Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis


Heather and I have lost our best friend. Tigger was Heather’s Chihuahua. And when we moved in together, he became mine, too. We’ve lived together here in Cole Valley for the last few years, along with our other Chihuahua Chieka, my cat Spoo, and a whole bunch of plants named Fred.

Tigger lived in a world of love. No matter where he went, people swooned over him. It was impossible to walk him without stopping for a child, or a parent, or, really, anyone. It got so much, we began to wonder about the small percentage of people who didn’t stop to say hi to him.

Tigger died yesterday in Yerba Buena park. Some other dog, off-leash … some other dog that I hope I never, ever meet … grabbed little Tigger in his mouth and bit down hard. He licked Chieka one last time before he died.

Tigger lived in the world of love, and he took a bit of that world with him when he left.

I really, really miss him.

a boy and his dog

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