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I Love My New Woolly Pocket

woolly pocketSay you’ve got a wall that gets nice light – the bright, indirect light that plants love – but you don’t want to hang a planter (hanging planters are still stuck in the ’70s design-wise) or slide over a bookcase just to set a pot down. What do you do? Enter the Woolly Pocket.

I’d seen Woolly Pockets in action at Flora Grubb. They have an immense vertical garden that’s full of all my favorite tropical plants. But it’s gigantic. Somehow it never occurred to me you could use just one until my visit this weekend, when I remembered this spot in my living room that gets nice indirect light but has no place for plants. So I got one!

Installing it was a breeze – just two screws with drywall mounts. Then I just shoveled in some dirt and added a few plants. In this case, I put in a small Elephant Ear (Colocasia Esculenta Elepaio), a small African Mask, and a couple different Pothos Ivys (one’s a clipping from another plant in the house). The idea is, the Elephant Ear and the African Mask will grow up, and the Pothos will grow down, filling out the wall.

The Woolly Pocket’s made of recycled plastic bottles and has a rubber lining so hopefully it won’t leak. I can’t wait to see how it breaks in. If this one works out, I’ve got big plans for the kitchen.

woolly pocket

If you want one of your own, I’ll include a link to their site in a sec. First I wanted to warn you that their site is heavy on the Flash and they made this extremely stupid series of videos that tend to pop up annoyingly. But the product is great. Link! (And no, I get no kickbacks for this – I’m just excited about it.)

More photos.

UPDATE: My New Vertical Jungle Wall!

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