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Talking Plants with Gayla Trail

It was a great pleasure to have this conversation with my longtime garden hero, Gayla Trail. We talk desert plants,…

Announcing Plantgasm

Announcing a new site: Plantgasm! Because I love plants too much.

New Banana Leaf Timelapse

Musa ‘Ice Cream’ Blue Java tree I bought this plant a couple months ago from a small grower in Florida.…


Just because I’m an avid gardener doesn’t mean I’m any good at it. Case in point: my Plumeria. On the…

My New Vertical Jungle Wall

Since the first one went so well, I decided to up the ante. Last weekend I attached six Woolly Pockets to my office wall and filled them with two dozen plants to make a vertical tropical garden. The installation was a breeze and, so far, all the plants are still happy. I love it.

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