Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis


Does anybody else think it’s strange that the Republican National Convention and the Burning Man Festival are happening at the same time? They even started on the same day.

You can almost feel the polarization – thousands on one side, making art, getting dirty, and burning a man in effigy for no good reason … and thousands on the other side, putting on suits, waving flags, and supporting a man who became president for no good reason.

If it were up to me, I would switch about half the tickets. Let the republicans learn to piss clear and the burners effect the real world for a change. Just imagine the comedy at the ticket counter. “Hey dude, there’s no money needed on the playa.” “I’m sorry, ma’am, you can’t blow bubbles in here.”

Somewhere in the Black Rock Desert there’s a young republican saying, “Have you ever looked at your hand? I mean really looked?”

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