Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

Cute-Fight: New Fighter Profile Pages

cute-fightOver at Cute-Fight, we’ve completely revamped the fighter profile pages. Check out Bug’s page.

We’ve been working on this update for months. The goal is to make our pets look awesome, as well as make these pages a fun place to visit for all. Here are some of the notable features.

When your fighter is in a fight, one of our specially trained pilots flies by with a banner tell the world.

The main area is now designed to match the cards that appear in fights, showing your fighter’s bio, photo, and other information. If you’re the manager, you get some special stats and features. And note that little orange bump on the right side. I wonder what it does?

Fans appear! You can now see all the members who are fans of your fighter, right on the profile.

And finally, the trophy case and badges box, where your fighter proudly shows off all their winnings.

We’re really proud of this update and hope you dig it, too. And if you have a pet you haven’t yet added to Cute-Fight, what are you waiting for? Bring ’em on!

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