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Web Developer Gig

Sorry for the business intrusion, but we’ve got a contract position to fill at Technorati. So if you’re a hardcore xhtml/css wonk in San Francisco and you’re interested in a 1-2 month, in-house contract, read on!

UPDATE: Position filled!

Web Developer

Technorati has an immediate need for a XHTML/CSS wiz. The Web Developer is responsible for taking design mockups from the Senior Designer (moi), and guidance from the Senior Technologist (Tantek), and producing semantic XHTML 1.0 Strict and valid CSS for the website.

We’re looking for someone who loves coding XHTML/CSS – not a slumming programmer nor a frustrated designer. We’re passionate about quality code, and we want to work with someone who shares that passion. This is a short-term (1-2 months), in-house contract position. It could lead to a full-time job offer if we find someone we love to work with.


  • 2+ years of XHTML/CSS experience.
  • Must have experience coding web pages by hand – not in a WYSIWYG editor.
  • Must understand the nuances of semantic markup.
  • Must understand the differences between different browsers/platforms, and be able to code around them.
  • Must be good at working with design and technology.


  • Experience with Photoshop.
  • Experience with PHP.
  • Experience with Javascript and “Ajax.”

For immediate consideration, please send a short introduction and the URL of your resume to (If you don’t have a URL for your resume, this probably isn’t the gig for you.)

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