Illustration of Derek Powazek by Adam Ellis

My Resolutions for 2006

Last year I made some resolutions here on the ol’ dotcom. Let’s recap:

1. Sell the car. Check!

2. Launch JPG. Check!

3. Quit smoking. Check! Then … uncheck. Sigh.

4. Kick ass at work. IMHO, Check!

5. Remember to treasure every moment. Doing my best.

6. Be more patient with those who mean well but communicate poorly. Doing my best.

7. Take Fray to the next level, whatever that is. Does putting it on hiatus count? If so, check.

8. Self-publish a book. Check!

I guess I’ll keep those “doing my best” ones on the list for this year, as well as that pesky unchecked one. And here area few new ones for 2006:

9. Get more serious with JPG Magazine.

10. Say yes more than no. Much more.

11. Keep feathering the nest.

12. [This one’s in my inside voice. I know what it is. You’ll see.]

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