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JPG Issue 5 Published

JPG Issue 5 CoverTonight Heather and I published Issue 5 of JPG Magazine. This issue was a real labor of love for us.

The “Photography is Not a Crime” theme is very close to our hearts, and something we talked about a year ago when we were first starting the magazine. We left submissions for this issue open twice as long as usual, and it took twice as long to produce.

It’s full of stories about photography, brushes with the law, and helpful information for photographers who get hassled. Most of the photos come with little stories of getting yelled at for shooting, or bending the rules to get the shot. Together, they paint a portrait of some of the darker corners of the life of a photographer.

This is also the first issue of our second year, and we’ve made some changes. We learned a lot from year one, and decided to tweak a few things. You’ll notice that the cover is substantially different. The logo has shrunk, and the grid is gone.

We’ve still got the grid of photos on the back, but we wanted to feature one photo that really captures the theme, and this issue the choice was clear. Marcelo Montecino’s stunning portrait of a fellow photographer, bleeding from wounds he received for doing his job, was the kind of strong image that really showed what this issue was all about for us.

There are also more words in this issue. The photos have descriptions that help explain how the photo fits the theme. We may not always do this, but this theme seemed to call for it. We have two featured photographers this time around, plus an interview with attorney Burt Krages, the author of the wonderful Photographer’s Right PDF, which he also let us republish in a convenient clip-out form at the end of the issue.

All that plus some of the best photography I’ve ever seen, all submitted on the website. This is an issue we’re extremely proud of. Take a look.

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